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A soul picture shows through its colour and its expression a vibration on which a soul incarnated into this world, or that soul-vibration which has a significance for a person at a given moment in time. A soul picture is created by myself and shows the theme or the potential which a soul brought with them into their incarnation. It can help to remember this potential and to reclaim it. It can help you to fulfil your soul potential.

Each soul picture is unique and only applies to the intended recipient, they feel connected to it, touched at a soul level. Just as individual is, according to the feed-back that I receive, the way people work with their picture:

  • Some of my clients see in their picture their soul, communicate with it like with a very good and trustworthy friend, and thus receive answers, which would otherwise stay closed up in their inner being. They are reconnecting with their own inner wisdom.
  • Some of my clients connect with their picture, are coming in contact with their dreams and their heart’s desires, and are then able to find ways to make them real.
  • Others “dive into the picture,” and find themselves in long forgotten places, where they can replenish their energy and learn.
  • Others again, can through their soul picture reconnect with the openheartedness of their childhood or with behaviour patterns which they developed as an answer to injuries they experienced in their lives. They can thus find a possibility to either reclaim their openheartedness or to work on disturbing patterns and let them heal.

You can use your soul picture in multiple ways to reconnect with the soul potential that lies within you.

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